Why MAF?

Being for over 10 years in the business of digital technology & business branding, I have been through a long story of trials and errors, successes and failures. In this experience, I found that hierarchy and bureaucracy are always the key factors to failure. Also doing your best doesn’t necessarily make you successful.

At MAF, we believe that success is something to take it as a team. There will be no more ‘client’ and ‘contractor’ roles in the relationship. We should call it ‘our team’ instead of ‘your team’ and ‘my team’. To us, it is all about collaboration between us and you. And together with our team, we now quote by value-based pricing instead of a fix-rate contract. We are trying to creating success in the form of a WIN-WIN partnership in each potential project.

This company will work in a partnership based environment which means it will redefine the roles between us and all of our partners from time to time. Clients will no longer be clients, clients will become our partners and friends for life.

Success is not about the greatest in someone. It is all about working together as one team. Your team + our team.

Tanaset Kullapatmongkol
– Founder

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